Q:  What can I do to get rid of the black edge on my mirror?
A:  You can bring the mirror in to our shop to have it cut down.  We also offer 2” bevel strips, which can simply be applied directly to the mirror without having to remove it first.

Q:  What can I do to protect the surface of my desk/table?
A:  ¼ clear, bronze or gray glass with a polished edge looks great as protection on any desk or table.  We can cut glass to fit just about any surface.

Q:  Do I have to put safety glass in my door or side lite?
A:  Yes!  You may use tempered or laminated glass, or acrylic in any door or side lite or any window within a shower.

From National Glass Association website:
The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the glass and plastics industries, drafted a standard for safety glazing materials used in door and other applications. This was adopted in 1977 as a federal law and superseded existing codes or ordinances. Fully tempered glass and laminated glass comply with the provisions of the federal safety glazing law.

Included in the provisions are all doors used for passage, the fixed and operable panels in sliding glass door assemblies and glass panels immediately adjacent to doors.

Safety glass is fabricated to eliminate or minimize cutting and piercing injuries if the glass is broken by human impact. This reduces the risk of serious injury should a person impact the glass with enough force to cause breakage.

The federal law requires that all replacement glass complies, including cases where the existing glass may have been a non-safety type.

Q:  Which product do you suggest be used to best clean table tops and mirrors?
A:  CGM features our own specialty glass cleaner that we sell in our showroom.
**This item is always in stock.

Q:  Do you offer a product that treats stains, hard water spots, soap scum, etc?
A:  CRL “Sparkle” Cleaner does those glass cleaning jobs too tough for spray-on cleaners. It removes light water spots and stains in glass caused by weather, sea air or pollution; also removes soap scum from shower doors and ceramic tile. Use it on auto glass to remove water spots from automatic windshield washers. Wipe on with a damp cloth or paper towel, rub stained areas, and then wipe off.
**This item is always in stock.